Welcome to Painted Kanvas... paint sip wine fun family event mobile art artist

Painted Kanvas is your family-owned and Lawrence-original company, bringing artistic expression and creative learning to all of eastern Kansas like no other instructor-led painting company can do!

We specialize in mobile-only large corporate teambuilding events and private parties.

We do this through personalized experiences and collaboration with YOUR local establishments, even at your own home!

Plus, you’ll have a work of art for your home or office that will be a definite conversation-starter!


Ready for your Painted Kanvas experience?

A local artist will step you through a one-of-a-kind painting, where you can experience Painted Kanvas with your friends, family, and co-workers!

To book your own private event, please contact us for date and venue availability.

Interested in becoming a local PK painting venue or caterer for our lists? Please contact us.

We'll keep you posted on upcoming events through our social media and monthly newsletters - email us at cheers@paintedkanvas.com to sign up for our Newsletter.