Everyone's An Artist!

There's no need to be worried about your own artistic abilities, or those of your friends, family, or team members. If you can paint by number, you can do these team building art projects! We work to make the experience as fun and approachable for you as possible.

Paint Your Pet!

Our professional artists will help you mix paints and show you techniques to create a very special keepsake painting and tribute to your best friend. If you love your pet, this workshop is for you! 

When your participants register, they email us mail picture of their pet(s), and we will personally sketch their canvases. Everyone has up to three hours to complete their masterpiece.

The best part - the majority of these events we hold are FUNdraisers for YOUR local animal shelters - we love giving back to our communities! Click here to learn more about the FUNdraisers.

Kids'/Family parties

Make yours child’s next birthday party or family reunion one they’ll never forget!  

Select a painting from our gallery and your local artist guides the party one step at a time to

 complete their masterpiece.

Each guest will leave with their painting - we also host parties for teens and tweens. 

Team Collaboration - aka 'The Big Picture'

Your challenge is to produce an impressive masterpiece from many separate canvases. The team will need to “see the bigger picture” as they pull together, communicate and collaborate to make the mural team-building training program a success. Individuals, sub-teams, and the entire team must all work together to produce an effective and impressive end result.

The final masterpiece is huge and will prove to be a remarkable piece of art that your team will be proud to have contributed to and can be hung at work as a permanent reminder. This event can for 20-300 participants.


Our switch-a-canvas is a team-building game that will not only bring your team together to create new ideas, but also save them from the same boredom. It will develop communication amongst your team and also create some great memories.

Everyone's artist canvases is moved periodically thorughout the painting event. By passing the canvases around the table to co-workers, this encourages interpersonal communication about paint colors, brush sizes, and painting techniques. Oh, and teambuilding, shhhhh... 

This also establishes trust - each person at the table gets to touch each person's canvas, through the opportunity to assist and influence others' decisions. The entire table gets to participate in the collaboration!

Wooden Cutout Paintings

Our wooden cutout workshops - you can create one-of-a-kind, rustic decor for your home or office using raw wood, sandpaper, tools, stain, paint, stencils and more - you can’t mess this up!

Sign up for a public wood sign workshop from our website, or book a private wood sign workshop party for your group of 15 or more. Select a project from our gallery, then customize your colors at the studio. Prices vary according to project.

Greek Life events

Each year, we hold multiple, all-house sorority and fraternity painting events - whether it is at the house or at another location - what a better way to create comradery and togetherness?

Pick an existing painting from our gallery, or have us create your custom one exclusively for you!

Glow Paint events

Join us for a SUPER-FUN, out-of-the-box 'painting in the dark' experience! 

Plan a fun night out with your paint date or BFFs - painting under the blacklights is a fun experience not to be missed! 

We hold private and even kids' glow painting birthday parties!