Annika_______ Wooton

Annika Wooton

Annika was born in Kansas but grew up in Richmond, VA where her love for art was cultivated throughout her youth.  She returned to Kansas to study Illustration and Animation at KU.  Outside her studies and personal art developments, Annika has competed in the Miss America Orginization.  She exhibits "speed painting" as her 90-second talent performance.

You can view more of her artwork here:

Natalie______ Sabillón

Natalie Sabillon

Natalie Sabillón is a professional illustrator, designer and writer who loves creating fun, unique and engaging work for kids (and kids at heart).

 Her main focus is children's books, but she has a vast amount of other interests as well.

  She has been featured in many art shows and you can learn more about her at:

Sophie_______ Divney


 Sophie has spent most of her life in the Lawrence area.

She is not a professional artist, but has loved art since she was old enough to hold a pencil; she is primarily self-taught.

She has a small hobby farm north of Lawrence, where she teaches horse-riding lessons.

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